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The Original Cricket

What makes us The Original? Tal Armstrong started the cricket industry back in the mid ‘40s with the Acheta domestica cricket. Even though it was brown in color, he marketed his cricket as the “Gray Cricket” because it closely resembled the Australian Grey cricket. He also wanted to let potential customers know the difference between his cricket and the black crickets that were also sold as bait.

Because of its special characteristics, the Acheta domestica was readily received by fishermen, zoos, and pet owners. Armstrong’s Original Cricket has a soft shell that is easily digestible, it is high in protein, and it has the most appealing odor and color. Most importantly, the Acheta domestica is not aggressive. Other new breeds of crickets have been known to attack reptiles and bite humans.

In order to keep the purest form of the Acheta domestica, Armstrong maintains a bio safe cricket farm that is located 10 miles from one of our main farms. This farm is operated independently to provide a back up of good, clean, healthy crickets. So when you are searching for a live feed for your pet or the most appealing bait, make sure you are buying The Original Cricket.

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