About Armstrong’s Cricket Farm

In 1945 in Glennville, GA, Gene Armstrong dropped a few crickets in a bucket with sand on the bottom. Three weeks later he discovered that Mother Nature had provided the family with a month’s worth of live bait! This was an exciting discovery to the Armstrong family. Gene’s dad Tal saw an opportunity that no one had seen before. Within a year Tal Armstrong was growing not only crickets but also an entirely new industry. The idea of having crickets, known as “the best” live bait for bream, perch and catfish, year-round, proved to be a very popular one among fishermen all over the South. Soon Tal also realized a whole new demand for crickets: as a choice pet food for many reptiles and amphibians. High in protein, live food is an important part of herpetological diets.

“Even my best friends laughed when I quit a prosperous plumbing business and spent $10,000 to start this new endeavor,” he said.

But his ideas and determination paid off and the new business was a success from the start. South Georgia anglers who had spent hours scouring fields for crickets, found it much simpler to buy Armstrong’s crickets. In 1947, Armstrong Crickets became the first commercial cricket grower in the UnitedStates. Due to the demand for crickets in the western portion of the US, a second farm was added in West Monroe, Louisiana in 1954. From a small beginning in Glennville, Georgia, Armstrong’s now boasts two of the largest feeder insect farms in the nation. Having 2 farms keeps the breeds of live feeder insects pure, disease free, and always in stock.

To compliment herpetological diets and fishing needs, Armstrong Crickets added worms to the farms, including mealworms, wax worms, superworms, big reds, and nightcrawlers. Today Armstrong’s Cricket Farm meets the demands of bait stores, zoos, pet shops, and individuals with live crickets and worms for reptiles, birds, and fish. These live feeder insects are shipped direct – healthy and ready to be the next meal for fish, birds, and reptiles alike.

In order to keep the purest form of the ORIGINAL brown cricket, the Acheta domestica, Armstrong’s Crickets maintain a bio safe cricket farm that is located 10 miles from one of our main farms. This farm is operated independently to provide a back up of good, clean, healthy crickets. Because of our special precautions, Armstrongs’ farms have not been affected by the cricket virus that has spread throughout the cricket growing community. Harmless to reptiles, the cricket virus weakens and kills crickets but has no effect on other animals. Armstrong’s Crickets continue to raise the ORIGINAL cricket, the Acheta Domestica because we believe it is the best and most nutritional cricket for your pet. Armstrong Cricket Farms has and will continue to take great precautions to isolate ourselves from contamination. So when you are searching for a live feed for your pet or the most appealing fishing bait, make sure you are buying The Original Cricket, the Acheta domestica, from Armstrong’s Crickets.

Armstrong’s Cricket Farm has the undisputed claim to being the OLDEST established cricket grower in the US. For over 65 years the Armstrong family has provided personal customer service and quality products with a live delivery guarantee. Many have followed in this highly specialized field, but none can boast they are the original. Discover what makes Armstrong’s cricket the best cricket for your pet…